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Open Doors Gallery is a global platform for emerging contemporary photographic artists. Representing and developing the careers of several award winning artists, each with their own unique approach to the medium. From mixed media and sculptural artworks to darkroom creations and documentary work. We believe the limitless possibilities of the photographic medium make it the perfect prism through which to explore the world and to build a collection.

Open Doors Gallery believes in making art accessible and affordable. With no permanent fixed location, we display our artists’ work regularly through our programme of Art Fairs, exhibitions, events & publications throughout the year…. READ MORE

Open Doors Gallery are excited to welcome you to our first opening of the year at London’s KOKO, Camden. This group exhibition will feature new work by our represented artists, with a particular focus on unique hand made collage work, as well as showcasing popular limited edition prints by our photographic artists.

Exhibition dates
20 Jan – 22 Feb, 2023

Opening Night
Friday 20 January | 6–9pm

We are delighted to announce that four Open Doors Gallery artists are now featured in an outdoor display in the heart of London.

The artists included in this display not only represent the best of multicultural London, but also through their practices, push the boundaries of the photographic medium. Each artist has experienced huge success, particularly over the past two years, and so it’s hugely exciting that the projects featured here will continue to inspire and captivate London’s commuters for a long time to come.

Meet the artists involved…

Josh Kern’s Hallo Asli is a brave and beautiful attempt to capture, decode and distill through the artist’s signature visual poetry, what it is to be completely besotted and devoted to someone. The images are at once particular to this young couple, and at the same time universal. Josh’s ability to get to the heart of a subject and to capture such beautiful moments of raw significance, allow us a unique window into their lives. One that we can all relate to.… read more

Bound Species is an ongoing series Jennifer Latour began creating in her home studio during the first lockdown in 2020. She uses her skills as a special effects makeup artist to construct ‘new species’ of plants from locally sourced fresh flowers and plants. Each piece is its own delicate and surreal creature, a beautiful Frankenstein of sorts… read more