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Javier Hirschfeld Moreno




Open Doors Gallery is a global platform for emerging contemporary photographic artists. Representing and developing the careers of several award winning artists, each with their own unique approach to the medium. From mixed media and sculptural artworks to darkroom creations and documentary work. We believe the limitless possibilities of the photographic medium make it the perfect prism through which to explore the world and to build a collection.

Open Doors Gallery believes in making art accessible and affordable. With no permanent fixed location, we display our artists’ work regularly through our programme of Art Fairs, exhibitions, events & publications throughout the year…. READ MORE

Join us for our Winter Pop-Up at the Photo Book Cafe, 1–3 December, for our OD Photo Prize exhibition to celebrate this year’s extraordinary group of emerging talent.

Photo Book Cafe,
4 Leonard Circus, London

Open Doors Gallery was delighted to participatate in the 6th edition of A ppr oc he, Paris, with a solo presentation of Profile by Javier Hirschfeld Moreno. Approche focuses on experimental practices with some of the most exciting talents in contemporary photography on display.

The breathtaking prints from Max Miechowski’s award winning series, Land Loss, explore themes of time, community, resilience and continue the artist’s deep interest in the British East Coast… READ MORE

Some Kind of Heavenly Fire by Maria Lax is an investigation and artistic depiction of stories discovered in her grandfather’s book. As a journalist he had been investigating claims of strange and unexplained sightings in the forests around where she grew up in a remote region of Northern Finland. Marias cinematic approach to storytelling creates a compelling and enigmatic world filled with mystery… read more

Bound Species is an ongoing series Jennifer Latour began creating in her home studio during the first lockdown in 2020. She uses her skills as a special effects makeup artist to construct ‘new species’ of plants from locally sourced fresh flowers and plants. Each piece is its own delicate and surreal creature, a beautiful Frankenstein of sorts… read more

Open Doors Gallery and our partners are delighted to announce this year’s Winner of the OD Photo Prize. This year the OD Photo Prize saw a staggering increase in entries, and saw hundreds of submissions pour in from over 60 countries stretching across the globe. The standard was extremely high and after looking through the submissions our panel of industry professionals voted unanimously for the Grand Prize Winner… READ MORE

Join us for the OD Photo Prize exhibition
Photo Book Cafe | 1–3 December