In Passing by Ian Howorth

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Open Doors Gallery

Shadows, Ices and The Moon by Max Miechowski

Boys of Volta by Jeremy Snell

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Featuring a new emerging or unpublished photographic artist in each limited edition publication. Part of an ongoing collaboration with Setanta Books.



Founded in 2017, OPEN DOORS GALLERY is a global platform for contemporary photographic artists. The gallery aims to give the world’s best emerging talent an opportunity to reach new audiences, and works with a very broad range of artists. From unique collage and sculptural artworks to dark room creations, landscapes, portrait and street artists.

As well as representing the developing careers of several award winning photographic artists, OPEN DOORS believes in making art accessible, affordable and obtainable. We aim to surprise people by challenging what they believe photographic art to be whilst also respecting the more traditional photographic methods.

Art is for all and our aim is to show art lovers that photography is the perfect medium to explore and to collect.

Open Doors has a strong presence online (@odtakeovers) choosing to showcase a wide variety of styles from beyond our family of represented artists. Hoping to broaden people’s understanding of the medium. Whilst the digital side is important, we also believe wholeheartedly in the value of seeing and experiencing these artworks up close through our programme of exhibitions and art fairs that we host and participate in throughout the year.


We hope to welcome you to an event very soon.

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Open Doors also offers an art advisory service, find out more about and what we do here or explore our represented artists below…