Carolle Bénitah [1965—2024]

Carolle Bénitah | 1965 — 2024

Carolle Benitah [Portrait]

We are sad to inform you of the death of artist Carolle Benitah after a short illness. Carolle approached life in the same way she created her art. With great elegance, charm and an enviable sophistication. Her work took on challenging themes and drew on difficulties from her own past. Articulating them with grace and beauty. But also doing that thing great artists do, allowing us to leap off into our own thoughts and feelings. Having worked for some years in the fashion world Carolle switched lanes to follow her artistic curiosity in a new way. Something which I’m sure took great courage to do. And thankfully she did. She leaves behind a portfolio of work that has had a big impact, from the next generation of artists to the collectors lucky enough to claim her artworks & books. Found in private & public collections around the world, more than that, her work will live long in our consciousness I’m sure.

I have long admired Carolle’s work from afar and so it was a dream to have just begun to work with her. To get to know more about her work, to hear about all the ambitions and plans she had for the future… just to talk to her and to laugh about this silly industry we work in. It was a huge privilege to have known you, Carolle. Taken too soon, you will be hugely missed.

Carolle Bénitah

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  • Audrey Gottlieb

    I am very saddened by the news about Carolle Benitah’s passing. Although I met her only once (at Paris Photo in 2019 when I discovered her work and her gorgeous book, which she signed for me) I feel as if she was a genuinely beautiful and talented woman.


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