Anyone can create a great image… once. However only the very best can hit that high standard again and again. That’s why this prize is set up as it is.

Tom Page, Founder & Gallery Director

An annual prize devoted to discovering and nurturing the next generation of photographic artists

OD Photo Prize is an exciting open call for emerging artists working within the first ten years of their practice, founded by Open Doors Gallery in 2021. For many years, OD has discovered and showcased artists working across all genres of contemporary photography. This prize is an extension of that philosophy, which looks to nurture long-term relationships with artists globally.

“One of the key driving forces behind the prize is a willingness to help the best emerging talent progress in their careers & practises. As a failed artist myself, I know how hard you have to work just to be seen let alone to create meaningful work that resonates. Years later as a gallerist, I understand that obviously we can’t give everyone our full attention so we have to be selective. In my experience the best way to discover that talent, is to focus on projects. Substantial bodies of work. I’m a firm believer that anyone can make, take or create a great image… once. However only the very best can hit that high standard again and again. That’s why this prize is set up as it is. That’s why each year our panel of judges are blown away by the talent we present to them… I can’t wait to see what hidden gems await us this year.”
— Tom Page, co-founder & director, Open Doors Gallery

What could you win

Grand Prize
£2,000 [$2,500]

£1000 cash prize supported by Open Doors Gallery
£500 print credit supported by Metro Imaging
£500 credit supported by MPB
An interview published on 1000 Words magazine
Long term mentorship through Open Doors Gallery as well as listed on the OD Artist page & Artsy platform for at least one year, presenting available artworks from their submitted projects

This year’s shortlisted artists will all be invited to participate in a group exhibition hosted by Open Doors Gallery in London to celebrate their talent and their projects. A selection of prints from OD Photo Prize’s shortlisted artists will also be made available for sale online and at the exhibition in time for Christmas.


Supporters of OD Photo Prize; Picter, 1000 Words Magazine, Metro Imaging, Photo Book Cafe, MPB, In Cadaques Photo Festival

Previous Winners…


2023 Grand Prize Winner

Patricia Voulgaris | When the Sun Hits


2022 Grand Prize Winner

Jono Terry | They Still Owe Him A Boat

Runner Up

Dora Lionstone | Nachtluftschlösser

Runner Up

Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez | Chilluns’ Croon


2021 Grand Prize Winner

Angus Scott | Teetering Like a September myth

Runner Up

K Young | re-collage

Runner Up

Elliott Verdier | Reaching For Dawn

Header image | Patricia Voulgaris, from When the Sun Hits
Winner, OD Photo Prize 2023