An annual prize devoted to discovering and nurturing the next generation of photographic artists

Anyone can create a great image… once. However only the very best can hit that high standard again and again. That’s why this prize is set up as it is.

Tom Page, Founder & Gallery Director

OD Photo Prize is an exciting open call for emerging artists working within the first ten years of their practice, founded by Open Doors Gallery. For many years, OD has discovered and showcased artists working across all genres of contemporary photography. This prize is an extension of that philosophy, which looks to nurture long-term relationships with artists globally.

“One of the key driving forces behind the prize is a willingness to help the best emerging talent progress in their careers & practises. As a failed artist myself, I know how hard you have to work just to be seen let alone to create meaningful work that resonates. Years later as a gallerist, I understand that obviously we can’t give everyone our full attention so we have to be selective. In my experience the best way to discover that talent, is to focus on projects. Substantial bodies of work. I’m a firm believer that anyone can make, take or create a great image… once. However only the very best can hit that high standard again and again. That’s why this prize is set up as it is. That’s why each year our panel of judges are blown away by the talent we present to them… I can’t wait to see what hidden gems await us this year.” – Tom Page, co-founder & director, Open Doors Gallery

2023 Winner Announced

What could you win

This year’s Winner will receive an increased prize of £2,000 [$2,500 USD] thanks to generous contributions from our partners, see below. This year’s shortlisted artists will all be invited to participate in a group exhibition hosted by Open Doors Gallery at Photo Book Cafe in London to celebrate their talent and their projects. A selection of prints from OD Photo Prize’s shortlisted artists will be exhibited and made available for sale online and at the exhibition. The Winner and two Runners Up will have their projects on display at the exhibition in a more expansive way as well as at least a year advertised as an artist on the Open Doors Gallery website alongside our award winning roster.

Selected finalists are also eligible for a variety of awards chosen by our panel of influential experts in the field of photography. From being singled out by our panel as ‘Judges’s Picks’ to the Metro Imaging Mentorship Award chosen by artist and creative director, Professor Steve MacLeod.

Grand Prize

£2,000 [$2,500]

Includes £500 cash prize supported by Open Doors Gallery
Includes £500 print credit supported by Metro Imaging
Includes £500 print credit supported by Hahnemuhle
Includes £500 credit supported by MPB

Long term mentorship through Open Doors Gallery

Listed on the OD Artist page & Artsy platform for at least one year, presenting available artworks from their submitted projects

2 x Runners-Up

Long term mentorship through Open Doors Gallery.
Listed on the OD Artist page & Artsy platform for at least one year, presenting available artworks from their submitted projects


Metro Imaging Mentorship Award

Tailored mentorship programme designed to support the awarded artist through any aspect of their career development which they deem vital. A unique opportunity to gain ongoing 1:1 advice and guidance from Professor Steve Macleod, Creative Director at Metro Imaging, to help nurture and expand their practice.


Juror’s Picks

Highlighted by an individual Juror in recognition of the strength of an artist’s work. A dedicated text by their respective Juror published on our website.


Alan Page Award

This award rewards exceptional single images from the OD Photo Prize’s project submissions. Nine stand out images will be selected from the submissions and posted to the @odtakeovers discovery account for public vote. At least one will then be selected and exhibited at our end of year exhibition alongside the shortlisted artists.

As an award winning copywriter working in the golden era of British advertising, Alan Page knew the power of a strong photographic image. Using some of the best image makers of the time to articulate his ideas, from David Bailey to Nadav Kander. This new award looks for the most captivating and visually arresting single images that also carry with them a story or a message.” – Tom Page, Founder & Director, ODG


Shortlisted Artists

In total x25 shortlisted artists [including the above] will be invited to participate in an online exhibition through Open Doors Gallery and each artist will be invited to have a print on display at the Photo Book Cafe exhibition in December.

Meet the 2023 panel

As ever we have prepared a phenomenal panel to consider your work. Leading photographic professionals spanning the full breadth of the industry. We asked them what they are hoping to discover this year from OD Photo Prize 2023…

Joanna Cresswell
Writer, researcher and editor

“The most powerful bodies of photographic work are often those through which the medium is used to crystallise some near-tangible sense of atmosphere or feeling. The stories told can be quiet ones – the everyday holds some of the most important tales we can tell, after all – but I’ll be looking for work that stirs something in its viewers, moves us, and leaves lingering afterimages. Relatedly, I’d also love to see thoughtful and skilful editing too – visual narratives that slowly reveal themselves, and pictures that seem to be in conversation with one another throughout the sequence.”

Alessia Glaviano
Head of global PhotoVogue

“Photography never ceases to amaze me and i’m always eager to discover authentic and unique ways to look at the world that surrounds us. Having a unique vision in photography is crucial for several reasons, it enables you to tell your own story, express your individuality, and create a deeper connection between viewers and your work. A unique vision fosters creativity, innovation, and pushes the boundaries of traditional norms, contributing to the evolution of photography as an art form.”

Caroline Hunter
Picture Editor, The Guardian

“A good project has a strong visual narrative, depth of meaning and feels like an original or unique approach to a familiar or unfamiliar subject.”

Professor Steven MacLeod
Artist & Creative Director, Metro Imaging

“As Director at Metro Imaging I experience a wide variety of artists work and I am very proud to be associated with the OD Photo Prize. The initiative is a meaningful opportunity for those entering and the level of quality and commitment to practice, is always an inspiration. This year I want to discover something that holds me, something that wakes me in the night and challenges me to think differently about forms of expression.”

Tracy Marshall-Grant
Arts Director, Curator & Producer

“I’m really looking forward to seeing some well thought through and genuinely authentic submissions. With the work I’m seeing coming through graduate shows, portfolio reviews and other competitions and open calls this year the standard is likely to be really high. That excites me a lot for the future of photography.”

Ben Smith
Artist & Podcaster

“I’ll be looking for work capable of provoking a visceral, emotional reaction in me. Simple, human interest stories with compelling narratives concerned first and foremost with looking out into the world, rather than inside; stories intent on exploring, making sense of and conveying something that will help me to better understand a topic, perspective or idea that I’d never considered. And if there is supporting text, it must clarify and contextualise, not obfuscate. Let it not be nonsensical word salad!”

Rosie Wadey
Photography Agent and Founder, Companion Artists Ltd.

“The projects that resonate most immediately with me are those that use photography in new and innovative ways, works that subvert traditional documentary practice to find new ways of building meaning and narrative through experimental technique and form.

I am excited by projects that use a multi-layered conceptual approach, or use photography as a vehicle for social progress, offering a platform for multiple viewpoints and voices to be heard.”


Previous Winners…


2022 Grand Prize Winner

Jono Terry | They Still Owe Him A Boat


Runner Up

Dora Lionstone | Nachtluftschlösser


Runner Up

Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez | Chilluns’ Croon


2021 Grand Prize Winner

Angus Scott | Teetering Like a September myth


Runner Up

K Young | re-collage


Runner Up

Elliott Verdier | Reaching For Dawn

Header image | Patricia Voulgaris, from When the Sun Hits
Winner, OD Photo Prize 2023