OD Photo Prize 2022 | Winner Announced

2022’s edition of OD Photo Prize saw a staggering increase in entries, and saw hundreds of submissions pour in from over 60 countries stretching across the globe. The standard was extremely high and after looking through this year’s long list our panel of industry professionals voted for their 2022 Grand Prize Winner.

We would like to thank this year’s panel for their time and expertise:

Tim Clark
Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi
Professor Steven Macleod
Bill Shapiro
Bindi Vora.

“Some of the most striking themes and stories presented to our judges this year revolved around the crisis in Ukraine, whether that was documenting the horrors at street level or depicting the ongoing human struggle of the conflict. As well as a great number of projects that deal with important social issues playing out around the world. Both are themes that are well represented amongst this year’s winning artists. I hope all the projects listed below can become catalysts for positive conversations and perhaps even change.

I try to condition myself to expect the unexpected, but each year we receive projects that I really believe push the boundaries of the photographic medium or find fascinating new ways to tell their stories. This year is no different. I hope you enjoy discovering more about each artist and we look forward to showcasing each one at our exhibition at the end of the year.”
– Tom Page, Director, co-founder, Open Doors Gallery

OD Photo Prize Winter Exhibition, 2022
was hosted at Photo Book cafe
1–3 Dec, 2022

Photo Book Cafe
4 Leonard Circus, London

OD Photo Prize, Photo Book Cafe, 2022
OD Photo Prize exhibition, Photo Book Cafe, 2022

Grand Prize Winner

Jono Terry | They Still Owe Him a Boat

Open Doors Gallery are delighted to announce Jono Terry as the Grand Prize Winner of the OD Photo Prize 2022 for his series They Still Owe Him a Boat.

Selected unanimously by our Judges as the Grand Prize Winner, Jono Terry’s They Still Owe Him a Boat explores the colonial legacy of Lake Kariba, and the dualities that are still present in broader contemporary Zimbabwean society… READ MORE

“The Zambezi Valley has long been a place of myth and folklore,” says Jono Terry, “home to magical creatures and a way of life that acknowledged and celebrated them. […] The creation of the Kariba dam wall in 1960, and subsequent flooding of the valley, displaced approximately 57,000 people. […] There are two sides to the lake: Zimbabwe and Zambia, an imaginary line demarcates the lake in two, roughly following the course of the Zambezi River. There are also two histories and two very different experiences of the lake—those of the white and those of the black population. ‘They Still Owe Him a Boat’ aims to challenge my own limited, white experience of a place I love. It is about a mythical place that exists for some but not for others.”

Jono Terry, OD Photo Prize Winner, 2022

Jono Terry
Goat Before Slaughter, 2020, from They Still Owe Him a Boat | Jono Terry
OD Photo Prize, 2022, Jono Terry


Dora Lionstone | Nachtluftschlösser

Dora Lionstone’s Nachtluftschlösser examines the construction of thoughts and realities as well as the perception of hidden dimensions through images, installations and projections at night… READ MORE

“The inspiration for the project was a vivid nightmare: In the dream, I found myself inside a curious home when the walls suddenly became transparent. As I walked through them to the outside, I entered another dimension where nothing else existed. There, only the translucent outline of the building was still visible, glowing like a hologram. I feared: if I lost sight of this house, would everything I know cease to exist?”

Dora Lionstone, Runner-Up, 2022

Dora Lionstone
Air castle in full moon, 2022, from Nachtluftschlösser | Dora Lionstone
OD Photo Prize, 2022, Dora Lionstone


Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez | Chilluns’ Croon

Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez’s Chilluns’ Croon investigates themes of slavery, absence, remembrance and morality of African American families from Wilson, NC, USA… READ MORE

Reflecting on old transcripts from the Federal Writers Project – told by African former slaves, this symbolic series is a compilation of photographs that resembled old spiritual beliefs and stories of love and loss from the time of slavery. A modern crumbling landscape where new generations from families of freed slaves keep fighting for equality and awareness.

Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez, Runner-Up, 2022

Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez
Tracy, 2021, from Chilluns’ Croon | Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez
Winner Announced, OD Photo Prize 2022
2022 Finalists, From Left | Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez, Jono Terry, Dora Lionstone

Judge’s Picks

Each year every Judge on our panel is able to choose just one artist outside of the Grand Prize Winner and two Runners-Up whose project really stood out to them and deserves a special mention. This year’s Picks are listed below and will be exhibited online & at our pop-up in London in December.

Justin Carney

Justin Carney | and the disappearing has become

Through the emotive depths of familial bonds and emulsion Justin A. Carney forges a world outside the limits of photography’s faithfulness. Carney’s art excites me as it pries open the potential of photographic imagery and artistry. In these works the fleeting nature of memory becomes an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate affection while also embodying its complicated nature to loss and forgetting.

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Lina Geoushy

Lina Geoushy | Shame Less: A Protest Against Sexual Violence
Selected by Bindi Vora
Curator at Autograph Gallery, artist, lecturer

“At a time when women’s bodies, rights and voices continue to be suppressed and silenced by those in positions of power, Lina Geoushy’s series ‘Shame Less’ is a poignant reminder of the complex matrix of violence that women face on a daily basis. For me, this deeply powerful body of work encapsulates the facets of language – both visual and textual – to assert agency in an attempt to reverse societal stigmas.” – Bindi Vora

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Xiangyu Long

Xiangyu Long | TikTok In Kham
Selected by Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi
Publisher, Chose Commune

“A seven-second video on Tiktok transforms Ding Zhen, a simple Tibetan yak herder, into an Internet star overnight. The overnight sensation not only changed Ding Zhen’s life, but also had profound impact on his hometown, Litang, Sichuan, Soutwest China.” – Xiangyu Long

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Marjolein Martinot

Marjolein Martinot | Riverland
Selected by Bill Shapiro,
Former Editor-in-Chief at LIFE Magazine, writer

Riverland is Dutch photographer Marjolein Martinot’s poetic response to the dark sci-fi nightmare that was the global pandemic. With pictures that arise almost dreamlike from the water at the centre of her story, she focuses on the people—children, parents, lovers—drawn to the river to escape the pervasive loneliness and fear. Evoking memories of a favourite childhood summer, her images wash over us like a baptism of sorts, offering a new beginning.” – Bill Shapiro

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Austin Quintana

Austin Quintana | Where The Valley Sings
Selected by Professor Steven Macleod
Creative Director, Metro Imaging, artist

“Lets be transparent, photography has the ability to mask one’s investment and time spent on a project. Fleeting glimpses ‘passing through’ can create striking images, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

Austin Quintana’s work feels ancient, as if every image is steeped in familial history, created from the very earth he and his ancestors have occupied. Pace is important to me and with Austin’s work I feel as if time has stood still, it is quiet, melancholic, painful and uplifting… I don’t know this place, but I am thankful for being able to experience Austin’s work through the OD Photo Prize.” – Professor Steven Macleod

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Domonkos Varga | City Without Walls
Selected by Tim Clark
Director of 1000 Words Magazine, editor & curator

City Without Walls successfully conjures a sense of claustrophobia and alienation that besets urban living. Through a mix of documentary, staging and performance, the artist successfully speaks to the idea of the city as a convergence zone between dreams and policy.” – Tim Clark

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OD Photo Prize, 2022 | Shortlist

Alongside all the brilliant photographic artists featured above, we are delighted to reveal the remaining set of artists who will be part of our online exhibition that opens in November. Priced affordably, this show is the perfect opportunity to purchase gifts before Christmas.

Stay tuned for more on these artists in the coming weeks via our Discovery account:


Karen Navarro
Niv Shimshon
Heiner Lukas Beisert
Cody Cobb
Jonathan Moore
Ben Osborne
Lisa Marie Asubonteng
Sem Langendijk

Clara Watt
Paula Humberg
Eeva Hannula
Ville Kumpulainen
Francesca Hummler
Thomas Duffield
Sylwia Kowalczyk
Phillipa Klaiber

OD Photo Prize exhibition, Photo Book Cafe, 2022
OD Photo Prize, 2022, artist talk
Artist Talk

1-3 December, 2022
Photo Book Cafe
4 Leonard Circus • London • EC2A 4DQ

OD Photo Prize, 2022 | Long list

This is the list of artists that made the second round of voting this year. Please follow and investigate each one as the quality is high and each one has a unique story to tell. We hope this list provides inspiration and connections that last a lifetime.

Last but not least, thanks so much to everyone who prepared & submitted their work this year. We hope to see all of you and more next year.

Tommaso Rada
Anton Kuehnhackl
Stephen Goldstein
Alexander Komenda
Chris Mann
Sander Coers
Teng Teng Da
Lee-Marie Sadek
Karla Guerrero
Wing Ka Ho
Patricia Voulgaris
Chirag Jindal
Jesse Ly
Dylan Chan
Matthieu Croizier
Alexey Pavlov
Tomoko Nagakawa
Michael Swann
Felipe Jacome
Bruin Feskens
Maria Oliveira
Benedetta Casagrande
Marie Muller Priqueler
Gawain Barnard
Eva & Jet Faché & Pascua
Caroline Heinecke
Arianna Mattietti
Magnus Terhorst
Curtis Hughes
Charlotte J Ward
Ekaterina Zhingel
Yi Wang
Eliza Bourner
Justus Lemm
Tobias Becker
Yichen Zhou
Laura Chen
Zhouzhe Jiang
Hung Ching Yan
Pedro Malheiro
Shelli Weiler

Stephen Jackson
Claudia Gschwend
Monica Griffin
Phoenix Kanada
Mico Toledo
Anna Luk
Fergus Riley
Abdulhamid Kircher
Daniel Fleitas García
Krylova (Areshina) Nadezhda
Hanne Van Assche
Feiyi Wen
Raphaël Gaultier
Phuong Le
Beihua Guo
Jule Wild
Melissa Schriek
Bart Urbanski
Aindreas Scholz
Mark Griffiths
Shawn Bush
Ingrid Weyland
Sebastian Ferruzo
Pang Hai
Ekaterina Orlova
Stuart Leech
Gert Motmans
Alvaro Deprit
Dienie Brouwer
Kashiwada Tetsuo
Sheung Yiu
Bill Hao
Jordan DeLawder
Noemi Comi
Anna Sellen
Henri Kisielewski
Jesus Torio
Sabine Hess
Joseph Clarke
Natalia Majchrzak


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