Marisol Mendez: Killa, 2019



50 x 33 cm [+2cm border]
Edition 6/10 [+2AP]
Giclée print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper
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Marisol Mendez [b.1991] is photographer and researcher from Cochabamba, Bolivia. She uses her camera to study the tension between truth and fiction, the tight relationship between what a photograph creates and the (sur)real it comes from. Driven by research-led and self-initiated projects, she seeks to deconstruct traditional modes of representation and weave nuanced narratives with multiple layers of meaning.

At the heart of her artistic pursuit lies the exploration of humankind. Marisol is moved by the desire to build genuine connections with the people on the other side of the lens. Her objective is to encapsulate the intimacy of shared experiences, the tenderness or friction of mutual recognition.

Marisol Mendez has been part of numerous exhibitions and festivals like Sharjah Biennial 15, Format Festival, Getxophoto, and Athens Photo Festival. Her work has been published worldwide including in Paper Journal, Balam and GUP Magazine. In 2021 MADRE was the cover of The British Journal of Photography and FotoFilmic.
Mendez’s practice has earned acclaim and received various awards like first place in the 2023 Sony World Professional Award Environment category and the 2021 PHmuseum Photography Grant New Generation Prize. In 2023 she was selected as a Foam Talent 24-25.



Preconceived biases or prejudices about the women in the portraits are challenged by their piercing gaze, which returns that of the viewer. I spent hours conversing with my subjects about patriarchal and one-dimensional representations of womanhood, and collaborating with them on how they would like to be photographed. The outcome is a protest in the face of unjust depictions that erase the nuances of what it means to be a woman in Bolivia with an inherited past of colonisation, patriarchy and interlacing faiths and religions.” — Marisol Mendez, 2023

With a democratic approach to image making the artist utilises a diverse array of visual languages to tell stories that traverse the boundaries between individual experience, collective memory, and imagination. Rooted in the landscapes and folklore of her culture, her work oscillates between candid and staged, naturalistic and mythical. Ultimately, she wants to challenge preconceptions, spark dialogue, and prompt viewers to reconsider their perspectives on reality and representation.

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