Laura Pannack: Youth Without Age no.20


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Laura Pannack (b.1985) is a London based photographer educated at Central Saint Martins, LCC and University of Brighton BA Hons. Renowned for her portraiture and social documentary work, she seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer.

Her work has been extensively exhibited and published worldwide, including at The National Portrait Gallery, The Houses of Parliament, Somerset House and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Her artwork has received much acclaim and won numerous awards, among which are the John Kobal Award, Vic Odden prize, World Photo Press Awards, Juliet Margaret Cameron award, The Sony World photo awards, and the HSBC Prix de la Photographie prize.

Her art focuses exploring the complex relationship between subject and photographer. Many of the projects focus on youth and time. She blends her passion for psychology and creativity and often collaborates with a range of practitioners. She believes the process is always built on a shared experience… READ MORE


Youth Without Age

Youth Without Age and Life Without Death was written by Petre Ispirescu. The overarching argument is a common but affirming one: life outside of linear time, and thus agelessness, is impossible. And if there is to be any remote possibility, it is only a form of momentary independence that is offered before the inevitable occurs – meeting one’s death like any mortal.

This project is a response to my need to escape, adventure and roam in reaction to internal pressure I feel that time is moving too fast. It seems like a shared experience that hours, days and weeks pass and we can’t recall them, life continues and time slips away.

This adventure began in Romania. The strong sense of timelessness, tradition and untouched scenery found here mirrored my desire to stop time. I soon stumbled across this folktale which perfectly echoes the many questions that I have… READ MORE


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