Joe Webb: Reap What You Sow, 2022


Reap What You Sow, 2022
Unique collage
Mounted to acid free, 375gsm archival card
Signed in silver pen on the front by the artist
Accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity

Price excludes frame & shipping
Frame recommendation: White, wood, box frame with UV protected anti-reflective glass


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Joe Webb (b. 1976) creates unique, handmade collages using vintage photographic material. Working from his studio in Lewes, UK, Webb reimagines these found images using concise and considered interventions to produce engaging, memorable and sometimes humorous artworks. He juxtaposes our modern perspective with traditional values, trends, fashions and politics, often highlighting the saying ‘some things never change’. The works are characterised by their inventiveness and surrealist tendencies.

The artist makes these interventions appear simple, however the idea behind the finished piece often long predates the final artwork. Sitting on collected material for days, weeks, months and sometimes years until the perfect companion is found to complete the artwork. Patience and a strong sense of design are important aspects of Webb’s practice.

“There’s an element of serendipity in finding images that work together that can’t be replicated in the digital world. I wanted to get back to basics so I set myself a simple rule of working from just two images, it’s interesting to find what narratives appear when two conflicting ideas are put together. Some of the ideas reflect on the state of the world today, like a 1950’s idea of the future that went wrong.” – Joe Webb, 2022


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