011 – Joe Webb


48 page • 21 x 16 cm
Edition of 350
Card wraparound cover
Magnetised seal
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This is the eleventh of a growing collection of publications in collaboration with Setanta Books. Publishing the work of emerging or unpublished photographers from around the world.

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Joe Webb

“There’s an element of serendipity in finding images that work together that can’t be replicated in the digital world. I wanted to get back to basics so I set myself a simple rule of working from just two images, it’s interesting to find what narratives appear when two conflicting ideas are put together. Some of the ideas reflect on the state of the world today, like a 1950’s idea of the future that went wrong.” – Joe Webb

Joe Webb (b. 1976) creates hand made collages with a message. Webb reimagines found imagery using simple and concise edits to make thought provoking artworks. He tackles issues such as the environment, war, inequality – and questions our place in the universe asking us to become more aware, conscious and content.


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