Toby Harvard: Red


400 x 270 mm (440 x 310 mm with border)

C-type print on Fuji Flex gloss paper

Signed certificate of authenticity included

Limited to an edition of 10 prints

Framing not included


I am from London. I am a Fetish Screenwriter and Fetish Photographer. I use 35mm film. My fetishes are probably obvious to anyone who sees my photos. I love deep bold colour. I love intense eyebrows. I love the textures of blonde hair. I love cities lit up at night.

But there’s not much point trying to explain what I do or why, because I honestly don’t know. I point my camera in the direction of things and people I find interesting to look at. Sometimes a decent picture comes out, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve never studied photography, so I don’t know the rules. I just do what feels right. I want my photos to look edible.” – Toby Harvard

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