Josh Kern: Hallo Asli no.48


40×27 cm
Edition 3/7 (+2AP)
Giclée print on Photorag paper
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Josh Kern is a photographer based in Germany. His work often illustrates the exuberance, ecstasy and anguish of youth. Shooting exclusively with analog film, his photographs carry a strong materiality. Kern obsessively documents the world around him, creating tender images, photobooks and expressively paint filled notebooks, recording the passage of time. He has published three books: Fuck Me (Dienacht, 2018), Love Me (Eigensinn, 2020) and Raüber (Eigensinn, 2021).

“My camera was with me everywhere and it somehow became a part of myself. It gave me permission to not be shy and the ability to show how intense and beautiful I perceive life. I found something where I can shamelessly express what I feel, my critical view on our generation and myself and my love for life in general.”Josh Kern


Hallo Asli

“Aslı is not just one personality for me, but more like 200. That’s probably also why I worked a lot with clusters and a large amount of pictures. It’s just not possible for me to define her.“
– Josh Kern, 2022

Hallo Asli is a touching and impossible portrayal of the artist’s partner, Asli, and the enduring strength of their bond. The series stands as an ode to young love. Incorporating the intimate, the banal, the abstract, the moving and affectionate moments that make their relationship so special… That make so many relationships special. With this body of work Josh visually articulates a complex web of emotions for us to immerse ourselves in… READ MORE


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