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Open Doors Gallery is a global platform for emerging contemporary photographic artists. Representing and developing the careers of several award winning artists, each with their own unique approach to the medium. From mixed media and sculptural artworks to darkroom creations and documentary work. We believe the limitless possibilities of the photographic medium make it the perfect prism through which to explore the world and to build a collection.

Open Doors Gallery believes in making art accessible and affordable. With no permanent fixed location, we display our artists’ work regularly through our programme of Art Fairs, exhibitions, events & publications throughout the year

We are also now home to the OD Photo Prize. An annual open call for emerging or early career, lens based artists working within the first ten years of their practise. Into it’s third year, the prize has already uncovered some remarkable talents from around the world.

The Pitcairn Islands are the last British Overseas Territory in the South Pacific. Pitcairn was permanently settled by the infamous Bounty mutineers and their Polynesian captives in 1790, and their descendents, now numbering fewer than 40, still live there today.

The tiny, isolated, volcanic island measures just two by one miles, is 400 nautical miles away from its nearest neighbour, and is the least populated jurisdiction in the world. Due to the infrequent supply ship schedule (the island’s only direct access), Rhiannon Adam was trapped on Pitcairn for three months, spending two of those living at Big Fence… READ MORE

Taken by the Tide presents a world where the familiar appears alien. Thoughtfully accumulated, captured and created over the course of a tumultuous decade or so, this brooding series reflects on the artist’s relationship to ‘home’. The images are at times delicate and vulnerable, with rare subjects isolated in shadow, seemingly enveloped by an inhospitable world. At times the light or a spectre seems to encourage us to follow deeper into the scene, only to realise we are chasing something too elusive to fully experience. Walking the line between fact and fiction the images resemble both the artist’s memories of home and the strange, unrecognisable lands that surround her… READ MORE

Shapeshifters is the latest chapter from Jennifer Latour’s ongoing Bound Species series. Using locally sourced flowers the artist carefully constructs ‘new species’ by hand in her studio. These surreal and enigmatic characters are then photographed in her studio. Capturing these unique structures forever as limited edition prints…. READ MORE