The Road Trip Collection

Our new collection is now live on our website, The Road trip. Inspired by the crazy situation we have all found ourselves in this year we felt what we all needed was to hit the road. To escape the quarantines and lockdowns of 2020 and out towards your favourite locations. Hopefully igniting your favourite memories. With your favourite OD artists for company and a killer playlist to accompany it, created by them, what more could you want to wash away those covid-blues.

The images in this new collection were selected by our artists and were created whilst out on adventures of their own. Each one has a story to tell. So tap on an image to reveal their brief account of the journey they took.

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We have selected some highlights from The Road Trip below. Enjoy.


“I took a road trip around the American West about 5 years ago. Not only was it special because I had bought my own van but it was the first time I felt that photography made sense to me.

It felt like it had all clicked and the images I made while on the road are still some of my favourite to this day . The solitude of travelling alone and not having to be anywhere was something quite special. All I did all day was drive and explore and the images just seem to fall in my lap. A unique time in my life that I am very thankful of .” – Kent Andreasen

American West #1

“Traveling on the road is a fundamental part of my creative process. My method is very instinctive, after studying the territories to be explored on paper, it’s crucial for me to be free to let myself be inspired by a corner, a building, a person met by chance. In my last trip to the US, between 2019 and 2020, I traveled about 1180 miles.

I initially focused on the exploration of the American suburbs and small towns, and then found myself driving in huge desolate roads, immersed in boundless landscapes. Small houses, dead-end streets, American flags hanging from every door, abandoned motels, forgotten items, gas stations from the 50s. For me it was like living one of the many films seen only on the screen or being catapulted into one of the “beat generation” poems.” – Benedetta Ristori

Chaparral Motel, Arizona, 2019

“We were home. Just the three of us, without distractions, without obligations. Our old RV taking us places — breathtaking, indescribable, almost unfathomable. Waking up to the sounds of nature, the morning sun warming our skin, the little hands searching for me. The crinkled sheets, the shadows of the dessert softly dancing on the curtains, falling asleep to the sound of coyotes howling at the moon. The calm, the love, our ever lasting bond.

It was painfully beautiful. My heart aching as I looked at them, my husband, our son – the love for them, equal, but different. Overwhelming, invincible. My heart breaking in a thousand little pieces, perfectly aware that it would never be like this again. That it would all be gone, disappear, as soon as we entered that plane. Desperately holding onto the feeling, the overwhelming happiness, the love and warmth rushing through my veins 24/7. Living in the moment, capturing it all – for it will all be a faded memory one day.” – Berber Theunissen

Death Valley Sunrise

“All these images were taken on a roadtrip last year with my good friend Paul – a manic 24 hours from New York City to New Jersey where we slept 4 of those and spent the rest of the time shooting and driving. The tracklisting is mostly americana and folk, but i had to include Separator by Radiohead as it was durng this trip that i first heard it and it became something instrinsicly attached to my memory of the trip. (thanks Paul)” – Ian Howorth

Crystal Sands

“I’ve been a huge fan of “On The Road” trips for most of my life. Since my early excursions around europe in the late 80s with other teenage friends after a whole year of school up to more challenging recent travels in the desert. What I particularly dig about these kind of trips is they’re more like a state of mind than else. Travelling around with just a rough idea on the destination, stopping wherever you feel like stopping whenever you feel like it, the sense of exploration, the freedom. Last but not least, listening to loud music while driving for miles” – Francesco Romero

Road Trip 2

“I grew up in West Olive, MI (American Midwest) which is a rural area on the west side of the state and I currently live in Grand Rapids, MI. I was a musician for over 15 years prior to taking up photography. These images are from around my home town on road trips I take regularly into the surrounding area.” – Michael McCluskey

Chip Repair

“As someone who doesn’t know how to drive, I seem to have spent a lot of time in cars throughout my life. I think this essentially comes down to living in Ireland. There’s no underground and it’s not like we can catch a flight from the North to the South so taking road trips are almost essential to get from A to B.

From hiding out stoned in the backseat while a friend delivered pizza around the city, to taking scenic trips to the coast that lasted hours, some of my favourite memories have been spent just driving, even aimlessly, with friends. Ireland has so many scenic spots that it’s easy to just jump in a car and choose a random destination.

It’s trips like these that led to some of my best ideas. Either from recreating the memories themselves or from just zoning out and listening to music on the journey. Having to travel to from Derry to Belfast while I was studying actually led to the creation of my series ‘Stoned in Melanchol’ in a way. I would have to travel 4 hours in total every day, so I spent that time looking out the window with a notebook on my lap, jotting down ideas as they came to me.” – Megan Doherty

Midnight Coffee


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