Kent Andreasen, American West #1

465 x 365 mm | Ed. of 5 | £400

675 x 520 mm |  Ed. of 2 | £700

Lamda print

Stamped by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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Kent Andreasen (b. 1991) was raised in Cape Town, South Africa. While travelling extensively, he remains based out of his home city. After graduating from AFDA Film School (Cinematography) in 2013, Kent pursued a professional career in stills photography. His repertoire has been entirely self taught with a sharp focus on perfecting his processes. Kent shoots most of his documentary and commercial work on a variety of medium format cameras and, recently, larger format cameras.


Image above:

“I took a road trip around the American West about 5 years ago. Not only was it special because I had bought my own van but it was the first time I felt that photography made sense to me.

It felt like it had all clicked and the images I made while on the road are still some of my favourite to this day . The solitude of travelling alone and not having to be anywhere was something quite special. All I did all day was drive and explore and the images just seem to fall in my lap. A unique time in my life that I am very thankful of .” – Kent Andreasen


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Exhibited in the OD online exhibition The Road Trip, 2020

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