Photo London 2022

Photo London 2022
12-15 May | Booth D09

Open Doors Gallery is delighted to announce our participation in Photo London 2022. Situated in the historic Somerset House, the seventh edition of the fair runs from 12–15 May 2022.

We are proud to present two exceptional young contemporary artists at our booth at this years Photo London fair, Jennifer Latour and Max Miechowski. With a focus on nature, resilience and renewal, both artists will premiere exciting new bodies of work, exclusively with Open Doors Gallery. Our booth examines the complex relationship between humans and the environment in the contemporary world, signalling a deep desire to better understand and embrace nature.

This booth was made possible by the generous support of Schoeni Projects

Meet our Artists

The breathtaking prints from Max Miechowski‘s new series, Land Loss, explore themes of time, community, resilience and continue the artists deep interest in the British East Coast. The absorbing portraits, landscapes and delicate details captured with Miechowski’s typical sensitivity, present a vivid and atmospheric impression for the viewer. Creating a space for peaceful contemplation whilst the world around us quakes and rumbles beneath our feet. There is something reassuring and stabilising about the natural cycles of things. As Max observes in this series “We are as temporary as the cliffs”. Max Miechowski’s images reconnect us to our environment at a time of great uncertainty and encourage us to appreciate what we have.
The British east coast is the fastest eroding coastline in Europe. Landslides and rising sea levels eat away at the soft foundations on which life here has been built. I expected to find storms, rough seas, ruined houses falling into the waves. A sense of urgency from the people living on the edge of a landscape, where entire towns have been lost to the North Sea. Instead, the land felt still, the waters were calm, and time moved slowly… There is something hypnotic about this place – rhythms seem to stand outside of human time. We’re as temporary as the cliffs. The thought unsettles me yet I can understand why, despite all this precariousness, people would want to make a home here, between the land and sky, and watch as the sea edges closer.” – Max Miechowski, 2022

Max Miechowski (b.1989) is a British photographer based in London. His work has been exhibited widely in places such as Paris Photo Fair, Peckham 24 and the National Portrait Gallery. With a focus on long-form projects, often rooted in portraiture, his practice reveals a fresh vision of the British social and cultural landscape. Max Miechowski will showcase prints from the series Land Loss for the first time.

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Jennifer Latour was born in Seven Islands, Quebec, and now works and lives in Vancouver, BC. Her love for cinema, sculpture and creating characters, led to the creation of Bound Species, an ongoing series where the artist constructs and then photographs mythological flora sculptures. Her influences are varied, spanning Dick Smith and Rick Baker to Irving Penn and Tim Walker. Wild Flowers expands upon the surreal beauty found in each new species Jennifer creates; this time matching a mythological floral sculpture with a natural open air environment.

Jennifer Latour‘s debut book and prints from her debut series, Bound Species, will be available for the first time at our booth.

The Bound Species series began in Jennifer Latour‘s studio in Vancouver, Canada, during the first lockdown of the global pandemic back in 2020. Sourcing flowers locally and finally with enough time to concentrate on personal artistic projects, Jennifer meticulously set about creating these remarkable ‘new species’ of flower, calling upon all her skills as a special effects makeup artist for movies and TV shows. Wild Flowers sees these creations emerge outdoors for the first time.

As the world began to open up and basic freedoms returned, Jennifer was able to take her beautiful biological constructions back where they belong, out in the wild. Carefully selecting locations she placed them in their natural habitats.

Wild Flowers expands upon the surreal beauty found in each new species Jennifer creates. This time matching a mythological floral sculpture with a natural open air environment. There is a sense of optimism and hope reflected in each image, as Jennifer encourages a greater intimacy with the natural world. Her works inhabit themes of renewal, resilience and a belief in nature’s ability to adapt in extraordinary and unexpected ways. As well as pointing to humanity’s urgent need to step up as guardians of our extraordinary landscapes and ecosystems.

There is always a playful use of colour found in Jennifer’s work, encouraging us to explore and be more curious of our surroundings. In this exciting new body of work we see the best of her creative flair.

Jennifer Latour

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