An exploration of the past re-imagined for the future

We are proud to announce the upcoming exhibition de/re CONSTRUCT at Cromwell Place, London. The exhibition is in collaboration with Schoeni Projects and Wamono Art, featuring new work by OD artist Kensuke Koike and traditional bamboo artist duo Tanabe Chikuunsai IV & Sawako Kaijima.

The foundation of the exhibition explores the deconstruction of the past and the use of technology to reconstruct them into contemporary visual artworks. It celebrates both artists Tanabe Chikuunsai IV and Kensuke Koike and their hopes to inspire dialogue and creative exchange around craftsmanship and multidisciplinary art forms.

Tanabe Chikuunsai IV (b.1973), a gifted and versatile fourth generation bamboo artist, has carried on his family’s legacy and elevated a long line of bamboo craftsmanship into modern art. Collaborating with Sawako Kajima, computational specialist and Assistant Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, together they present organic rattan sculptures of geometric complexity, diving into the realm of contemporary art creation.

Venice and Tokyo-based artist Kensuke Koike (b.1980) deconstructs and reconfigures vintage photographs and postcards to create works with a surrealist playfulness. The artist spends his days buying old photographs at flea markets and distorting them to create contemporary visual artworks that may appear straight forward but are in fact meticulously considered. Koike shares his work in progress through videos on social media platforms, which become artworks in themselves.

Exhibition Information

Tanabe Chikuunsai IV & Sawako Kajima, Kensuke Koike
21 Oct – 6 Nov, 2022
Wing Gallery, Cromwell Place, London

Header Image:
Advice, 2022, Kensuke Koike
Unique, switched vintage photo
61.5 x 41.7 cm
Courtesy of the artist, Open Doors Gallery and Schoeni Projects

Kensuke Koike

Kensuke Koike studio
Kensuke Koike, studio, Venice, Italy
Kensuke Koike at work in his studio studio, Venice, Italy

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