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We are delighted to have curator Averil Curci (@averilcurci) taking over Open Doors Gallery’s discovery account (@odtakeovers). Averil is an art advisor and curator based in London. She holds over 15 years of experience working within the art world internationally.

For the duration of her takeover, Averil will explore the artists included in Transformation / Liberation, a group exhibition she curated at Wembley Park’s Outdoor Gallery (@wembleyparkldn). Launched on International Women’s Day, the exhibition is part of a vibrant public art trail ‘Figures of Change’ curated by Zoe Allen of Artistic Statements. It features photographs by Maria Luneva, Christelle Boulé, Esperanza Moya, Thirza Schaap, Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen, Stephanie Rausser, Jennifer Latour, Wami Aluko, Karina Twiss and Liz Von Hoene. We have highlighted a selection of the extraordinary artists she will be sharing below.

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Maria Luneva

Maria Luneva 

“As we emerge from a period that has tried and tested us, we witness what we have become after this journey. With creativity and perseverance our spirits rise and together we face a new time. We have learnt with renewed clarity the importance of our connection to Mother Earth: she grounds us, teaching us about adaptation and resilience. The ten international women photographers presented at Wembley Park’s Outdoor Gallery root the inspiration of their practice in the natural world, all using their unique visual language to create striking work, often pushing boundaries in their quest for artistic expression.” – Averil Curci, 2022

Christelle Botanica

Christelle Boulé

“Christelle Boulé is a Canadian-Swiss artist based in Lausanne and Paris. Her experimental photographic practice looks at botanical subjects, using photograms specifically to capture elusive shapes, scents, textures and colours.” – Averil Curci, 2022

 Esperanza Moya

Esperanza Moya

“Esperanza Moya is based between Alicante and Barcelona. Her aesthetic mixes warm tones and natural settings allowing her passion of cinema to transpire through her storytelling.”
– Averil Curci, 2022

Thirza Schaap

Thirza Schaap

“Dutch photographer Thirza Schaap has been devoting herself to her project Plastic Ocean for many years. The series combines sculpture with photography, examining our changing relationship with plastics and the increasing and overwhelming presence they have in our lives.” – Averil Curci, 2022

Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

“Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen is a visual artist from Denmark. She’s interested in the intersection between painting and photography, working with reflections and collage to create surreal effects in her photographs.” – Averil Curci, 2022

Stephanie Rausser

“Stephanie Rausser American editorial photographer based in Northern California. Stephanie sees the world for all its beauty and humour has a great talent in capturing that in her work.” – Averil Curci, 2022

Jennifer Latour

Jennifer Latour

“Canadian artist Jennifer Latour works and lives in Vancouver, BC. The Bound Series was started in her apartment during the first lockdown of 2020. Sourcing flowers and fruits locally and using all her skills as a special effects makeup artist, she constructs incredibly delicate and inventive botanical hybrids.” – Averil Curci, 2022

Wami Aluko

Wami Aluko

Wami Aluko is a Nigerian conceptual photographer fascinated with exploring the human condition. By integrating elements of fantasy and surrealism, her work aims to expand the ways in which we perceive our daily lives and the people that fill them.” – Averil Curci, 2022

Karina Twiss

Karina Twiss

Karina Twiss is a Norwegian photographer who grew up close to nature, inspiring her early passion for photography. Her work showcases a playful and spontaneous portrayal of subjects.” -Averil Curci, 2022

Liz Von Hoene

Liz Von Hoene

Liz Von Hoene is an award winning fashion photographer and director known for her immaculate concept-driven images that strike a balance between sophistication and whimsy.” – Averil Curci, 2022

Jennifer Latour, Wembley Park
Outdoor exhibition, Wembley Park, London

About Averil Curci

Averil is an art advisor and curator based in London. She holds over 15 of years of experience working within the art world internationally. She began her career in New York as the director of Hamburg Kennedy Art Advisory & Projects. Following this, she became the director of Brancolini Grimaldi, a contemporary photography gallery based in Florence, Rome and eventually Mayfair, London. There she worked closely with both emerging and established artists — curating exhibitions and art fairs, developing special projects, events and publications. She was Curator and Head Artist Liaison with online emerging art platform and incubator Kovet.Art from 2019 to early 2021. Averil has been a judge for the Ashurst Emerging Art Prize since 2018.











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