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Open Doors is delighted to announce its participation in this years START art fair! See you at opening night. We thought we’de share a piece in The Telegraph that talks a bit about the fair and why its so special. They must have impeccable taste as they chose Arnaud’s brilliant Seattle image to accompany the piece…


START Art Fair provides a platform for new galleries and emerging artists worldwide


START builds networks and opportunities for young, forward thinking creators, enabling their artistic practice to be presented to an international audience and culturally engaged audience, at a world renowned gallery. START aims to provide a voyage of discovery for collectors and art enthusiasts alike while providing an elegant environment and infrastructure to help integrate emerging markets today into the fabric of tomorrow’s art world.

Complementing START’s ethos of presenting up-an-coming artists and galleries is a series of curated projects that reflect the fair’s global agenda. The disappearing Act was a live performance by Chinese artist Liu Bolin and a highlight of START 2017. The performance received widespread multimedia coverage including Sky News, The Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard. START is committed to bringing exciting ways of showing innovative, collaborative international projects to London.

In 2018, START founded the Collectors’ Club to foster its mission of discovering and presenting ‘tomorrow’s art today’ during the week of the fair, while bringing together diverse but like-minded individuals, collectors, artists, arts organisations, businesses, innovators and pioneers in the industry, year-round.

Shown here are some highlights for this year’s edition. London-based Open Doors Gallery, which originally set up as a pop-up, presents photography by French artist Arnaud Montagard that captures sunlight to create geometric forms. Israeli-based gallerist and curator Adi Porges-Israeli made a name for herself in London’s collector base and established a growing netowrk of artists in Israel. She will be presenting the architectural work of Irma Orenstein as a special START Project.


September 13 – 16

Saatchi gallery

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