Grant Beran

Untitled (wonder)

This was available in a time limited edition. Available only for the duration of the online exhibition in 2021.

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Grant Beran
New Zealand

Like us, photography’s materials are imperfect. Dust gets onto the print, the paper gets torn and patched up with tape, chemicals leave stains on a perfect portrait highlighting photography’s, and our, beautiful imperfections. Imperfections which have possibly been glossed over, pushed down, in our modern, individualistic, fast forward lives. But now we have become interconnected by a global -stay at home-pause button which has slowed us down and forced us to back into our more elemental, accepting selves in which all that is left for us to do is wake, work, zoom, think, wonder, love, laugh, cry, wait and hope.

The originals are unique hand coloured, taped, silver gelatin prints.

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 cm

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