Thomas Duffield: Untitled no.3, 2022


From Poppy Promises

Untitled no.3, 2022
10 x 12 inch
C-type print
Time-based edition (closes 20 December 2022)
Accompanied by signed artist label

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OD Photo Prize 2022 | Shortlisted Artist

Thomas Duffield is a photographer and and research are from the north of England, currently based in London. His photography was shortlisted for the 2021 wellcome photography prize and he was a 2019 winner of Portrait of Britain.

“Our home was a static caravan that sat quietly in a field with walls entangled with Ivy, on a small farm where my mother and father began to raise my sister and I. During this time my father struggled with a heroin addiction. However difficult it may have been at times for my mother and father, to my memory we had a charmed life growing up. As children, my father’s addiction was not discussed and after he left, years passed with little contact. In 2016, I started meeting with my father regularly to offer support as he underwent a detox. When we were together we talked about nothing in particular. Five years have passed by and I still meet up with my father regularly; drinking coffee from the same two cups. After a long and difficult winter, he is once again going through another detox program. It is hard to watch him grow older in this way, living as if he insists upon fading away. When I dare to look at my own life in the same way, things are not so different. Two steps forward and one step back, both my father and I have pebbles in our shoes.” – Thomas Duffield, 2022

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