Open Doors is proud to represent Francesco Romero and his unique brand of urban surrealism. On our site you will discover a selection of our favourites available as limited edition prints.

In a recent article for Esthetic Lens Magazine, Francesco discusses his work to date.



V O I D / D R O N E S  is all about a martial, almost pragmatic, aesthetic. A tribute to the “man-altered” made of empty spaces where men have never actually found their place. A reassignment of spaces and volumes into aseptic and primordial geometries aimed to enhance meticulous compositions and perspectives. Surreal landscapes made of tridimensional forms juxtaposed to flattened skies that often border into artificiality. A fine line between the mere representation and the total transfiguration.



C O N D O  is a study on sustainable architecture in Tuscany. A tribute to forms and shapes that starts from decontextualizing details to then turn them into imaginary landscapes.”


Find out more about his photographic series here [via Esthetic Lens Mag]

Be sure to follow his instagram feed [@alfarom70].




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