Vintage Collection Box by Dawn Parsonage

Edition of 20 boxes

Each contains a collection of found images rediscovered from flea markets around the UK.

A magnifying glass included

Shipped worldwide




He remembered the bits in between.

He remembered the rose garden, the night at the opera, the holiday before
it started. He remembered the cushion-love-folds of her.

But no one has mastery over memory.

The bits in between came at night.

This box contains a curated collation of original found photographs. This unique set has been gathered from flea markets across the UK and brought together to create a new imagined story.

The story and collection are inspired by the lead image. The artist has outlined their imagined narrative to link the images, but you are invited to create your own.

This work encourages you to look at your relationship with personal photography. What stories will be woven from the photographs you leave behind?

Dawn Parsonage is a photographic artist, found photography collector and filmmaker based in London.

She often calls photography her religion and has been a collector for over 20 years. She works with her collection in its own right as well as creating her own contemporary photography.

Her archive has grown to over 10,000 photographs, stereocards, negatives and magic lantern slides spanning the first 100 years of photography. All her photographs are carefully chosen to give a new and unexpected insight into the past. She is fascinated by their humour and emotion, which illuminate both the image’s social context and our common humanity across nearly two centuries.