Joseph Staples: Falun series (no.3), 2020

Falun series (3), 2020
Joseph Staples
90 x 150 cm
Collage on plexiglass
Accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity

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Joseph Staples is a collage and photographic artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. His work focuses on the copy, repetition, and the relationships we have with images. He has shown in streets, galleries and museums across North America and in Europe.

“The Falun series came from a found poster of a dance troupe in support of the Falun Dafa form of Tai Chi, banned in China and labelled as a cult by their government.

The collages are made from this single, found image of a dancer I have copied many times, cut up and reassembled.

I have worked with these same copies of a single image to make collages in this series for about eight years.

The repetition, staccato and movement in the work reflect back the dance and religious forms of the source material.

Collage can be promiscuous, using images and moving on to the next without looking back.

This series is about developing a deeper, long-term relationship with an image.”

Joseph Staples




All sales enquiries:
+44 (0)7769922824