Rush Hour, New York, 2018 by Joshua K. Jackson


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Giclee prints on Hahnemule Pearl paper 285gsm

Signed and editioned on the reverse by the artist. Accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity from Open Doors Gallery.


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Joshua K. Jackson (b. 1984) is a British photographer based in London, UK. Working in colour, candidly photographing everyday life in cities. Josh’s work has been published worldwide and exhibited in the UK, USA and Europe. We are excited to be able to offer you this print exclusively through Open Doors.

“This photo was made at 6pm on 6th Avenue, New York City. We see a businessman with a ‘New York’ bag slung over his shoulder whilst waiting for a bus. After trying one photo at eye-level I decided to explore an alternative perspective to emphasise the scale of New York’s architecture and cut out the visual noise of a city during rush hour.

I started street photography just under three years ago and haven’t looked back since. It’s the unpredictability that excites me – every day brings you something new and unexpected.

My approach is to head out with no expectations. I move around the city constantly and react spontaneously to whatever catches my eye. Most days bring nothing but with perseverance the photos slowly come to you.

People have often described my photos as mysterious. I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to mask the obvious to present an unfamiliar view of a familiar city. Colour is another central theme in my work – helping illustrate the vibrancy of life in the urban environment.” – Joshua K. Jackson [@joshkjack]

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Review: Jeffery Saddoris, writer and podcaster

Joshua K Jackson is a terrific street photographer from London. On paper he’s relatively new to the genre, but his already stunning body of work is every bit as compelling as those by some of his photographic heroes. Though josh is quick to point out that he still has a lot to learn, his dedication to photography as both as art and a craft is immediately evident in his use of bold colour and superb composition to communicate mood and narrative. While he often leaves the house without any sort of expectation or agenda, he says that the energy and buzz of the city is like fuel to keep shooting, especially since you never know what the scene could be just around the next corner. – Jeffery Saddoris

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