Giuseppe Vaccaro

Jean, Manchester

This was available in a time limited edition. Available only for the duration of the online exhibition in 2021.

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Giuseppe Vaccaro

Boredom. Anxiety. Hyperactivity. Loneliness. Procrastination. Hope. Doom. In the face of the global pandemic, there is comfort to be taken in the knowledge that all of us are recycling the same rollercoaster of emotions right now.

“I think I am committed conveying a message of hope. In hard times like these, I wanted to reach out to neighbours from all over the world – which is why I started documenting this ‘togetherness’. I loved ‘entering’ these people’s houses, following their ways, trying to understand their feelings through my lens. Having shot from Milan, it has been really tough, I felt jet-lagged, and had to woke up early or go to bed late. But at the end of the day, I feel really complete, like I have travelled for real. Far/Near bridged all these possible distances.

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