Francesco Romero

Whats Left 4

This was available in a time limited edition. Available only for the duration of the online exhibition in 2021.

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Francesco Romero

Desertion, emptiness, decay and isolation have always been my main subject in photography. In J.G.Ballard’s words: “Deserts possess a particular magic, since they have exhausted their own futures, and are thus free of time. Anything erected there, a city, a pyramid, a motel, stands outside time.” and recently this particular subject and theme has become something objectively contemporary, a shared global experience due to the pandemic we’re going through. “What’s Left” is a collection of photos I took in Toscana, right before the quarantines began.

This series have been shot purely instinctively and I think it adds another layer of residuality to the photos. No more thought and effort, just what is left after years of pursuit after beauty in emptiness itself. As a person, our consumerist, Sisyphean nature bothers me but that is at best the sub-text of these images. I go after the rhythm and the beauty. Where it falters is the unspoken message. As with our shared isolation, what we make of the emptiness, what remains afterwards will be up to us individually.counts over 130 shots that I would like to collect into a photographic monograph someday soon”.
Francesco Romero

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