Desire Clarke


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Desire Clarke

“I asked my first spiritual teacher, the alchemist Randy Hall, “How do I become enlightened?” and he responded, “First, learn how to cook….”
-The Magic of cooking – Sharon Gannon

Like a womb, a home is a hub for creation and nurturing. Home is where there is warmth, love and tasty meals.

A meal, a wonder of human creation, is the result of combining varied ingredients at specific intervals and then subjecting them to the elements of fire, air and water through a kind of alchemical process leading to a delightful transformation.

A seemingly simple product, clarity of mind and an undivided attention is a necessity for its creation leading to an amazing sensory experience that satisfies the body, soul and home.
Preparing a meal is an art some may find daunting {and} yet its mastery adds more warmth to a home. A necessity in these times of isolation and confinement, affording my family the rare opportunity of spending more time in the kitchen together. One of those privileged moments led
to seeing a hand become a mixing and sensory tool that could feel texture and smoothness. In that moment I knew cooking was pure magic.

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