Caterana Tonnē Fleur


This was available in a time limited edition. Available only for the duration of the online exhibition in 2021.

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Caterana Tonnē Fleur

QRNTN is an ongoing photographic project that started on the day I first self-isolated.

Being a photographer who loves to study the relationship between the outside space, architecture and people I am now forced to study my relationship with the limited amount of space I am living in, with no balcony or garden, and the effect it has on me and my partner.

There is a mix of staged and candid moments, trying to make the best use of the light that my windows allow in. My days are made of rushing to grab my camera to photograph fleeting moments, very simple and sporadic moments of interest break my days of research and house chores: kids playing in their garden, neighbours hanging laundry to dry, a bird suddenly appearing in front of my window or cherry blossom petals falling to the ground when the wind blows.

At the same time, I have created a newsletter named Q R N T N that is a free association of images, videos, art and music that inspire me or that helped me through difficult moments.

This has further connected me with people who reply to my emails, It’s a digital bonding moment that I very much hold dear.

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