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Alessio Pellicoro

A journey to discover an environment that is part of my daily life, but at the same time also a little unknown: home. My house is not very large: a small cozy apartment on the outskirts of Rome that overlooks a small courtyard shared with another twin palace. It is so close that you can easily venture with your imagination inside those windows like mine.

I decided to take full advantage of this quarantine to get to know and deepen the awareness of a warm entity that enters undisturbed every day, veiling itself between the thin, slightly battered curtains of my home. Sometimes

it even seems to ask me for permission to enter, by knocking on the hermetic shutters and then making space between the holes, maybe because it wants to tell me something important and to reveal itself with intangible, essential, pure forms. Now it finds me, and I don’t go away because I have to stay home

Image selected by Keith Cullen.
Publisher, Setanta Books, UK
One of 5 judges of this years competition

“My favourite single image is this shot by Alessio Pellicoro. I like the strong colours, the warmth and simplicity.”

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