Heiner L. Beisert: Betty, am Herzen, 2022


From Love Me For Less

Betty, am Herzen, 2022
10 x 12 inch
C-type print
Time-based edition (closes 20 December 2022)
Accompanied by signed artist label

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OD Photo Prize 2022 | Shortlisted Artist

Heiner L. Beisert (b. 1999, Crivitz) is a German visual artist, commissioned photojournalist and fine art photographer.

“‘Love Me For Less is my most insightful contribution of a visual abstraction to the narrative of the unbearable weight of being human in the anthropocene. In what I believe to be an extensive, topographic study of the tactile, I want to present a distinctive unnerving experience. In multifaceted arrays of structure and light, I compose for the surreal and yet mundane — opting for disorientation, mimicking an out-of-body experience… The question that guided me, driven by my interest in the phenomena of out-of-body experiences, has always been steady throughout my process: What really lies beneath our own consciousness and the structural array of chaos hidden within? With ‘Love Me For Less’ I laid the foundation to further strengthen my studies of resetting narratives inherited from generations unknown. ‘Love Me For Less’ is therefore not so much about escapism but the fictional consensus of blending societies together by the strict differentiation of what is physical matter and what is not.” – Heiner L. Beisert, 2022

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