First Drive, 2018

Altered postcard

75 x 137 mm



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Kensuke Koike (b.1980, Japan) makes unique interferences with found photographic material. Often with witty or abstract results.

“Before I used archival images, I was shooting photographs on my own and altering them. But because I had the negatives and originals, I could make mistakes in the cutting and altering of them— I could just print another copy of an image and start all over again.

All my materials come from flea markets. I don’t necessarily look for a specific scenario in the photos because I make them special by transforming them myself.

I began to use archival images because I wanted to try something more challenging and delve deeper into the meaning of an image. More risk means that I have to think twice before cutting the originals, and that is important.” – Kensuke Koike

All enquiries

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