Pao reial, 2017, from One Eyed Ulysses 1

60 x 50 cm

Edition of 10 + 2 APs

C-type prints on 308 gram Hahnemühle Photo Rag archival paper

Signed by the artist

Prices start at €800


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Juan Miguel Ramírez-Suassi is a self taught photographer who was born in Mallorca (Spain) and now lives and works in Madrid. His photographs, which at first sight appear to fit seamlessly into the great nowhere, involve many visits to the same landscapes to observe the change year after year. His work occupies an ambiguous position somewhere between portraiture and social landscape. Juan has published two critically acclaimed series so far, both of which are represented below. One Eyed Ulysses (2018) which is part of an ongoing trilogy and Fordlândia9 (2020).

I always return to the same places over and over again, until I get used to a kind of cycle of illusion, disenchantment and recidivism in which I am capable to understand myself through the images captured.
– Juan Miguel Ramírez-Suassi


One Eyed Ulysses 1

One Eyed Ulysses proposes a meandering voyage where solitude, melancholy, the encounter with death and nature in marginal settings are some of the themes that run through it. The aim of this series of photos is not to document a specific epoch, but rather to sum up human experience so that we may contemplate its images on an equal plane and from the same view point from which we observe them.
– Juan Miguel Ramirez-Suassi, 2018

This is part of an ongoing Trilogy.

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