Ian Howorth: Milkshake


40 x 32.8 cm [Includes a 2cm border]

Giclée print on Hahnemüle fine art pearl paper

Signed by the artist and a certificate of authenticity included

Edition 4/5 [2AP]


A larger size is available
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“I was born and raised in Peru to an English father and a Peruvian mother. I visited England many times before settling here at the age of 16. The older I got the more I realised the trouble I had with the concept of home. I didn’t have one. Having lived in nine different houses and three different countries by the time I was 16, this has left me with a confused identity and a certain unease with myself.

This series is a way by which I try to connect with my home of 20 years – Somewhere that feels more like home than any where else but one that I don’t sense – I’ve had to learn. The places I visit are reminders of visiting England as a young boy in the 80’s and 90’s and are a way of reconnecting with somewhere by going back in time – seeing and feeling the textures of the places which would have been commonplace had I always been here. In order to really understand this country, I try to connect all the disconnected pieces. I think this is the only way I’m going to get to really feel like this is home. I want to get it in my bones and in my blood rather than it always feel like a learned response to a forced circumstance.” – Ian Howorth


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