Federico Marin: Day 3


Diary, Day 3

213 × 300 mm (paper size)

Giclee print on Hahnemüle Pearl paper

Time limited edition

Signed artist label provided

Framing not included

£80 each


Shipping worldwide | Shipping date is 7 July, 2020
10% of print sales profits will be donated to mental health charity Mind.

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Federico Marin

I am a freelance photographer based in northern Italy (Treviso-Venice), one of the two most affected areas from coronavirus Covid-19 in my country. As most of Italians, I’ve been heavily affected from the lockdown and spent the last 49 days mostly in my flat (series is still ongoing): I didn’t want too shoot empty streets and reportage style images, so I decided to take a more personal view and to investigate this pandemic from the inside. Then project tries to show how quarantine influences my life and my creativity, creating and photographing a new installation exclusively made out of my household objects every day, until the end of isolation. I am not in the pictures, but all the objects and the spaces I tried to include tell a lot about me and the flat I live in; furthermore, creating a new picture everyday is more and more difficult day after day, exactly like living isolated. Every installation is ‘freestanding’, no hidden support or photoshop has been used: this is not important for the final result, but it’s fundamental for me, to create the sort of atmosphere and mood I need to make the picture.

This image is part of a wider series that was submitted and selected by the judges as one of three standout series from the competition.


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm

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