Open Doors Gallery is delighted to announce a new online exhibition hosted by SPXR in the metaverse. Please use the link below to explore a selection of work available by our artists in an exciting new virtual project space.

The SPXR digital project space, created by Schoeni Projects, is intended for curatorial experimentation and to celebrate art in all forms. For this show we have worked with their team to develop new ways to explore and experience our artists work. To create an exhibition that might have proved impossible to assemble in reality and to create a new way to experience their remarkable work.

Throughout the meta-house you will see to scale representations of artworks by our artists ‘hanging’ on the walls. All of them are interactive and will allow you tap on them to find out more about that artwork or that artist. Wherever possible we have also attempted to create an immersive environment in which to explore their projects through enlargements videos and more.

We hope you enjoy exploring the exhibition. The exhibition is best explored on a desktop. Instructions on how to navigate the space are found once you touch down in the metaverse.


Joe Webb

Shane Wheatcroft

Denisse Ariana Pérez

Maria Lax

K Young

Kensuke Koike

Ian Howorth

Jennifer Latour

Javier Hirschfeld Moreno

Sayako Sugawara

Jeremy Snell

SPXR Virtual Project Space


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