LUKA KHABELASHVILI: A Digital Revolutionion

I remember when digitally interfering with photographs was largely frowned upon. An area of photography reserved for people who retouch models for billboards and perhaps considered something of a dark art. A toolbox full of trickery and deception… People always fear whats new and perhaps what they don’t quite understand.

by Luka Khabelashvili

Thankfully the world has moved on and I think photography has been enriched by this form of artwork. More and more people appreciate the artistry and skill involved through digital manipulation. OD is lucky to be working with one of these digital revolutionaries, Luka Khabelashvili.

I think what keeps me hooked to Luka ‘s work is that often his interventions are subtle. These alongside his naturally surreal but untampered work asks you to question what you are looking at. To question whats real. I love when an image makes me do that. 

by Luka Khabelashvili

Take the girl in the long grass for example. You are drawn instantly to the red dress, then as your eyes begin to explore the rest of the image and you notice something’s not quite right. I love the atmosphere he sets and the power it adds to this figure, seemingly lost in their own thoughts.

by Luka Khabelashvili

Luka is a young self taught artist still finding his way in the industry but has already had great success. Appearing at the Circulations: European Young Photographers Festival in Paris a couple of years ago and selling limited edition prints around the world through Open Doors Gallery [@odtakeovers]. Luka’s prints are beautiful, rich, gicleé prints and available in a variety of sizes. Do take a look at whats on offer via our site. Of course, if there is an image which isn’t listed, let us know and we will investigate its availability.

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Words by Tom Page,
Director, Open Doors Gallery

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OD has a new instagram account @odprintsales. Created to highlight the physical artworks our talented group of artists produce. Also to shine a light on the processes involved.

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