One year ago I started to collect all my images and notes and created a little book out of it. It is called Fuck Me and I’m very grateful to say that it was published by Dienacht Publishing.

This is the introduction of the book:

I always get kind of nervous when I have to introduce myself (my work) and the only phrase that’s left in my brain is: “Hi, my name is Josh and I like to take pictures”.
“Although, I ignorantly think that this sentence describes the book in the best possible way, I’ll still take my time, calm down and tell you more about it.
So the whole project is probably just about a feeling. And to describe it, I’ll go a few years back and show you an old note on my phone:

But I discovered a way to do it.
I became obsessed with documenting the world around me. My camera was with me everywhere and it somehow became a part of myself. 
It gave me permission to not be shy and the ability to show how intense and beautiful I perceive life. I found something where I can shamelessly express what I feel, my critical view on our generation and myself and my love for life in general.
With time, I also started to share pages of my notebooks and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. 
About the age of 18, I was so trapped in my mind, worrying what other people might think and constantly afraid of their rejection. I always thought that something was very, very wrong with me and I put all my energy into hiding this fact, even though I had no idea what it exactly was. It’s crazy, but going to a family dinner or even for a bus ride after school was one of the scariest things I could imagine. Like one time, I was waiting at a bus stop and someone came up to me, probably asking what time it was, and I just blacked out and found myself on the floor a few minutes later.  
I don’t tell you this because I want your compassion or anything, but to make you understand. Because the only thing that made it better for me was to look for these exact moments and to go through it, to be transparent and to talk about my confusion and fears. Allowing myself to be seen through my notebooks – as chaotic and vulnerable as I am – changed everything for me. It’s the only reason why I’m able to write about it today.

By sharing these things, I realized that not only there are so many other people who felt the exact same things as I did, but that the rest of them don’t even care. And it was the best realization I could have ever made.
So I spent most of my nights flipping through old notebooks, finding new series, taping everything together, only to rip it apart and to start all over again. I became obsessed with the idea of letting other people feel the same things as I do.
It’s somehow funny that the most hated part of myself became my most loved one.”
– Josh Kern

196 pages, 10,5 x 15 cm
soft cover, open binding
Offset printing, full color
20 €


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