Congratulations Laura Pannack | Camera Clara Prize Winner 2023

Founded in 2012, the Camera Clara photo prize is reserved for artists who work with the photographic medium. With a particularly focus on artists who shoot on film and on long term photographic projects. Over the years a host of incredibly talented and renowned artists have been honoured with the prize, we are delighted to announce that the 2023 Winner is OD artist Laura Pannack for her award winning project Youth without age and life without Death.

The exhibition for winning artist Laura Pannack will be on display at BNF [Bibliothèque nationale France] from December 12, 2023 to March 10, 2024

“Youth without age and life without Death” is emblematic of Laura’s work, irrigated by the theme of age and time. Life is based on linear time, and each of us, one day or another, must confront death. Laura Pannack’s images, however, seem to be situated in a temporal hiatus, outside the memorable thread of days that pass without our being able to remember them.

The landscapes of Romania echo the quest for timelessness, slowness and breathing that large format photography is so effective at materializing. This technique, with its balanced composition and precise rendering, was an obvious choice for Laura Pannack.

This series is a photographic exploration of people, places and landscapes encountered in Romania, a country with a strong mythological tradition. Inspired by this richness, by these stories, Laura Pannack offers a tender and poignant look at the fragility of life.

Between real and imagination, her photographs convey a sense of being in the world, but a world that is denser and deeper than our modern society.”

— Aurélie Chauffert-Yvart
Director, Galerie Folia

Camera Clara Prix | BNF Paris
Laura Pannack
Camera Clara Prix | BNF Paris
Camera Clara Prix | BNF Paris
Laura Pannack

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