Monty Kaplan: Figure


533 x 838 mm

Limited to an edition of 5 prints.

Fine Art Giclée on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm

Signed certificate of authenticity included.


Framing and shipping not included.

Once your order is received we will reach out with framing and shipping options.


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My work is about externalising my inner thoughts, feelings and fears I transform my subjects, which can range from every day objects, flowers, landscapes or people, with my use and manipulation of light. My photography is a visual representation of change. How I evolve as a person and how that affects how i see the world around me is the core of my creative drive. I truly believe that the only constant thing in this universe is transformation, so i visually manifest the changes i go through within myself by documenting my surroundings in a very subjective way.

Rather than having a preferred subject, or colour palette, my interest lies on how anything can become captivating and beautiful with the correct light. How i choose to light any scene or subject is always connected to a mood. In this regard my work tends to be more emotional than narrative, as i’m usually not concerned in telling a story with my images, but more to transfer emotion. I want the viewer to get as close as possible to experiencing the world through my eyes.

My photography is a surreal and subjective anthropological documentation of our world.” – Monty Kaplan, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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