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UV print on Plywood
Each fitted with sawtooth hanging fixings
Signed by the artist on the back
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Sander Coers [b. 1997] is an artist working with photography based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, whose work balances the borders of documentary and fiction. With a tender gaze, he seeks to establish new perspectives on masculinity by visualizing, revisiting, and (de)constructing memories in melancholic and highly romanticized worlds that possess a cinematic quality. With the coming-of-age theme recurring throughout his work, he reflects on stories of love, friendship, and self-acceptance drawn from his family, friends, and peers. Coers’ visual language is deeply inspired by nostalgic memories of his youth in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, infusing vivid hues and profound emotions into his portraits, stills, and landscapes, creating dream-like and melancholic worlds.



Sander Coers, Springboard Art Fair, 2023

POST explores the intersection of constructed memories and perceptions of masculinity in visual culture through the use of AI-generated imagery. “With this project, I aim to investigate the role of photography in shaping our perceptions of the past and question its authenticity in the age of digitalism where memories can be constructed and manipulated.” — Sander Coers

The link between the concept of memory and masculinity in this project is multifaceted. On the one hand, memory plays a significant role in shaping our perceptions of masculinity over time. By looking at the recurring symbols in the AI-generated images, such as suits, belts, and hats, we can see how these have been used as stereotypical visual markers of masculinity through different eras. On the other hand, the project also explores the idea that memory itself, like masculinity, is a construct. Something that can be manipulated and fabricated. This raises questions about the authenticity of our memories, and how our perceptions of masculinity might be shaped by constructed memories rather than actual experiences.

The photos are UV-printed on plywood, often used in construction – a stereotypical masculine environment. By printing the images on this material, I create a physical representation of the constructed memories that we hold onto. The images become tangible objects that reflect the fragility of our memories and the impact they have on our present… READ MORE

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