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From Women of Fire

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OD Photo Prize 2023 | Judges Pick

Claudia Revidat isn’t just a photographer; she’s a storyteller who wields her lens to unfold intricate tapestries of human emotion and experience. Her “Women of Fire,” is a visual symphony that celebrates the astonishing resilience and ethereal beauty of Ethiopian women from the Mursi tribe. Claudia plunges deep into their world, capturing not just their faces but their spirits, alight with enduring strength and poignant vulnerability. With an alchemist’s touch, she merges color, texture, and symbolism, creating multi-dimensional canvases that draw you into each woman’s unique narrative. Her images are more than mere snapshots; they are vibrant calls to empathy, offering a glimpse into lives led far from our own but intrinsically connected through our shared humanity. Through “Women of Fire,” Claudia amplifies voices too often silenced, reminding us all of the transformative power of art as a vehicle for change.” – Alessia Glaviano

Selected by Alessia Glaviano
Head of global PhotoVogue

Claudia Revidat [b. 1992] Born in France, Claudia is a photographer, film director, and artistic director based between Paris and London. Her creative journey is intimately intertwined with her personal life. Claudia discovered the power of photography as an expressive language for her emotions.

Artist Statement | “The project “Women of Fire,” born in 2023, encapsulates the captivating journey of Ethiopian women who embody both delicate beauty and fierce determination. Their spirits, like fire, burn brightly, illuminating the struggles they face and the triumphs they achieve. It is through my portraits that I aim to reflect their unique blend of vulnerability and unwavering resilience.

Within each image, I seek to merge the feminine form with elements of nature, intertwining their stories with the organic world. By layering intricate floral and organic clay tattoos, I weave a tapestry that symbolizes the profound connection between women and the environment. It is a reminder of our shared existence, urging us to safeguard and preserve the fragile balance that sustains us all.

Through my artistic vision, I employ color and superposition techniques to evoke a sense of depth and emotion. Each layer within the composition represents a facet of the women’s journey, their pain, their joy, and their growth. In the darkroom, I merge the elements organically, creating a visual narrative that is as unique and intricate as the women themselves.

My images are a tribute to women, an ode to the beauty of women and their bodies.

Ultimately, my goal is to capture the timeless beauty of these women while honoring their strength and resilience. By sharing their stories, I aspire to inspire others to recognize the beauty and pain within themselves and to stand in solidarity with women worldwide.” — Claudia Revidat


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