Kensuke Koike: Trick or Treat, 2020

Switched postcard

9 x 13.9 cm

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Kensuke Koike (b.1980, Japan) creates unique artwork by manipulating found vintage photographic material. The resulting sculptures are often witty, dynamic and abstract.

Kensuke’s work revolves around the idea of using the assets found within an image to create something new and contemporary. The process often starts as a puzzle begging to be solved with each image setting its own challenges for the artist.

Kensuke’s unique artwork has been exhibited globally at art fairs & exhibitions around the world and is now found in various collections. Open Doors Gallery is the UK representative for his work.

All enquiries:


Blue, Green & More Blue

Open Doors Gallery is delighted to reveal a new unique series by Kensuke Koike, ‘Blue, Green & Again Blue’. This time choosing to work with selected John Hinde postcards. These famous postcards depict an idyllic view of the British Isles steeped in nostalgia. The John Hinde studio of photographers were well known for meticulously staging their scenes and for manipulating the colours within their artworks. With this in mind, these postcards are the perfect stage for Kensuke to reimagine these scenes in his unique style.

I hope to make visible, something invisible, but which always existed” – Kensuke Koike, 2020

Often lacking in an obvious protagonist, the landscapes amongst these postcards were a challenge for Kensuke Koike to overcome. Used to toying with the human form or focusing on the facial features of a subject, Kensuke was encouraged to bring his unique language of collage, manipulation and playfulness, and adapt it to this new subject matter. Within these scenes the people populating them are often facing away or periphery actors in the context of the beauty of their natural surroundings. This forces Kensuke to create a focal point where perhaps there was none and to interact with the image in a different way. The results of Kensuke Koike’s reimaginings are as dynamic and original as we have come to expect from his work.

The ‘Blue, Green & Again Blue’ series is ongoing. Please contact us to be the first to hear of new releases.

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