Josh Kern: Love Me (4), 2020


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Reminiscent of the sketchbook work of Jim Goldberg and Ed Templeton, Josh Kern creates notebooks amalgamating photographs, drawing and writing, which seek to encapsulate the sensation of personal experience and longing. Fascinated by the act of transference, of inviting another individual to think and feel as he does, Kern uses his notebooks as a way to communicate the ineffable sensation of living.

“Allowing myself to be seen through my notebooks – as chaotic and vulnerable as I am – changed everything for me. It’s the only reason why I’m able to write about it today.

…I spent most of my nights flipping through old notebooks, finding new series, taping everything together, only to rip it apart and to start all over again. I became obsessed with the idea of letting other people feel the same things as I do. It’s somehow funny that the most hated part of myself became my most loved one…

If I don’t feel very well I just sit down at my desk scribble and tinker around. I just try to make the notebook look like I’m feeling at that moment.” – Josh Kern, 2021


All photographs within Josh Kern’s notebooks are also available as limited edition prints.

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Joshua Kern, Studio

Studio wall, Josh Kern, 2021.

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