Alice Campos: Wrapped amongst strands


Wrapped amongst strands

8.5 x 11.5 inch
Liquid Emulsion
Khadi Paper
Developed using Rosemary Tea
Unique print

Signed by the artist

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Flesh. A Teardrop of Crying Hair

“This series is a beginning to the end, an accumulation of perennial human existences. Collecting human, non-human and immaterial memories of nostalgic touch and human presence. Flesh, human hair, wrinkled skin and soft eyelashes swirled together with a droplet of Rosemary developer. The moments captured are imprinted onto Khadi, Shoji and light capturing papers which are all sustainably developed using Rosemary Teas and hand tinted with Green Tea Leaves. This series contributes to our life cycle of growth, our bodies plummeting into warm waters and coming to life with light- like the prints in this series.

Liquid Emulsion prints are crumpled, soft, uneven and imperfect, not dissimilar to our own skin, handmade Khadi and Shoji papers brushed with liquid light, distilling moments of sleep, patience and discomfort. Our flickering eyes living within a view finder, a slither of glass, like an opened window blushing in cold air.

Solarisation demonstrates the incredible impact of light. Shine light too bright through our thinned closed eyelids and we begin to be displaced, discomforted with intense blurs of colour. Shine light onto a sheet of light sensitive paper and the silver nitrate wriggles its path to visibility.”  – Alice Campos, 2022

Alice Campos is a British artist living and working in South East London, UK. She graduated in 2019 from Goldsmiths University gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art. She gathers the disciplines of Alternative Analogue and Cameraless Photography, Moving Image, Experimental Sound, Sculpture and Writing. She is represented by both Open Doors Gallery and Start Art Global, she is an LCN Four Corners Artist and a GUP Fresh Eyes Talent of 2021. She works independently and collaboratively, notable exhibitions have included Berlin Short Film Festival (2017), Atlas House, Ipswich Biennale (2018), The South London Gallery (2020), Deptford Cinema (2020), Art Rotterdam (2021) and Deptford Does Art (2021). Her current practice is delving into Sustainable Photographic methods of making and waste disposal, working alongside The Sustainable Darkroom, creating a Photographic Garden in Leeds, UK as there collective resident artist.


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