Sayako Sugawara: K – FH

Kyoto – Forest Hill

20.3 x 25.4cm

Silver gelatin print

Edition of 3 – SOLD OUT
2AP available (Artist Prints) – contact for price & availability

Print signed on the back by the artist



Portals is an ongoing series of b/w collages made with images shot on iPhone that appeared on my instagram feed.
Juxtaposing images from geographically dissociated environments, the series experiments with tension, creating new and unfamiliar narratives.
The project began as simple experiment to explore juxtaposing two images from geographically different places, and the effect of physically printing instagram images, referring to traditional darkroom printing techniques and materials. Each image from the series is named with the initials of the two places which were combined in the final print. Some photos were taken in everyday situations: places I visit in daily, for example Hampstead Heath during my commute to work, and others are from bigger trips abroad. The chosen images cover a period of about 18 months, from starting an instagram account until Autumn 2018.
The idea that these images form only a very limited selection of my visual memory and experience, in comparison to how much more memory we store in our minds fascinates me.
The images are made by first creating physical collages. These are then rephotographed to create the digital files which then were transferred to film negatives so they can be printed in the darkroom. Using expired photographic paper often make the images come out very dark with very little contrast, so I employed a bleaching technique to regain the images.
Although the series is in editions of three, the working method has made each piece unique, as I had to respond to how the paper and the bleach would react to each other and make the image accordingly. In accordance with the concept of this project all the original photos were taken on iPhone.


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