Isabella Convertino: Brothers, 2018

From to shoot the sun

Brothers, 2018
Archival Pigment Print
38 x 38 cm
Edition 1/10

Signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

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OD Photo Prize 2021 | Shortlisted Artist

to shoot the sun (2018 – 2020) is a reflection on trauma and experience with masculine energies, as well as an investigation of whiteness in suburbia. I am interested in containing and studying male power— observing its growth and erosion, sourcing its construction and relegation. In this body of work, I forge suburban geographies to create a terrarium, one in which I am able to direct and deconstruct performances of gender, and to consider the relationship between power and intimacy. Bleaching light and uniform landscapes trap subjects in an immobility and overexposure. Bodies are contained, muted, and observed, fastened to a condition of waiting and a process of decomposition, subject to a caustic light.” – Isabella Convertino, 2021

Isabella Convertino (b. 1998, she/her) is an American artist currently living in Pennsylvania, working with photography and video. She earned her BA from Wesleyan University (CT) in 2020. Her work is frequently featured in print and online (Fotofilmic, i-D Italy, GUP, Capricious, among notable others), and been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her first book, Pack 72, was published by ROMAN NVMERALS in 2018. Convertino is interested in the relationship between whiteness and gender performance, compounding memory and trauma as points of departure. Her images navigate and record episodes of power, fantasy, and typicality in the suburban and domestic settings. Convertino is the Art Assistant in Photography at Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA).

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