Chloé Milos Azzopardi: Leaf, 2021

From Forms they inhabit in time of crisis

Leaf, 2021
Fine Art Rag Baryta paper
30 x 20cm
Edition of 15 + 2AP

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OD Photo Prize 2021 | Shortlisted Artist

“This series, Forms they inhabit in time of crisisdraws on the crises of dissociation and depersonalisation that I have been experiencing for the past twenty years. These are disorders that affect a person’s ability to form a constant “self”, they manifest themselves, by blanks or by loss of sensations. During these crises I could sometimes barely recognise my name or my face. I learned to deal with depersonalisation by intensely observing my environment, by projecting myself into the sensations of other living things, be they plants, stones or animals. Losing some sense of individuality – where my body begins and ends – also led to a struggle to understand the boundaries of my environment. The distinction and hierarchy constructed between human and animal and between nature and culture seemed to me more and more obsolete. I built this series in echo with these crises but also with the first sentence of Ovid’s Metamorphoses: “I want to say the forms turned into new bodies”. It suggests that bodies are not finite entities but rather changing, crossed and inhabited entities. I envision these photographs as an ecosystem in which metamorphosis is possible; an environment in which I seek to know what the notions of individuality, plurality and otherness can mean when the limits of bodies are challenged.” – Chloé Milos Azzopardi, 2021

Chloé Milos Azzopardi (b. 1994) is a French photographer and artist. Based on their personal experience, they are interested in the relationships between human and non-human beings, trying to get out of a prism of utility or servitude. Their research focuses on the representation of mental health and the construction of post-capitalocene imaginaries. They were recently winner of the Milk x Fisheye competition and finalist for the Palm* Photo Prize. Their work has been shown in Europe and China.

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