Angus Scott: September myth (28), 2021


From Teetering like a September myth

Edition of 10 (+2AP)
Giclée print on German Etching paper
Accompanied by signed artist label

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Angus Scott is a photographic artist living and working on Wurundjeri country in Melbourne. His creative practice is anchored to land and culture; the overlapping influences of where we live and who we are. Largely informed by familial narratives and national myths, he utilises still and moving image to form personal musings on identity and place.

Teetering like a September myth explores the unknowability of death as an act of making peace with one’s own mortality. The project draws upon seasons, ecological processes and man-made constructs as symbols of life cycles, ultimately responding to the question as borrowed from an Appalachian hymn titled Idumea: “What will become of me?”

“It can be hard to see the bird as an individual, when watching the flock soar in formation.

For the longest time, I didn’t recognise plants and animals as individual beings. I thought of them as a larger whole that is the environment. Interconnected and inseparable from the ecosystems of which they came.

As people, we tend to think the opposite of ourselves. More as the singular flower, rather than a part of the tree. For in singularness we can attach meaning.

Each year the seasons mark beginning and end points. They also serve as annual reminders of ongoingness. The consistency of our natural surroundings to wither and rebirth year after year. During this season of rebirth, all I could find was withering. A springtime marked by consistency lost.

As I held my closest friend through mourning, I remember what my father would tell me during moments of unease. Sit quiet, listen, and count the birds. Each new call, a new individual. Individuals inseparable from their greater whole.” – Angus Scott, 2021


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