ZINE: Boys of Volta


21 x 21 cm

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Open Doors is proud to present our first zine publication, featuring the Boys of Volta series by Jeremy Snell. This zine contains previously unreleased images and is limited to just 100 copies. There are also 20 special edition print copies available!

Jeremy Snell is a cinematographer and humanitarian photographer. Though originally from Hawaii, he spent much of his youth living throughout Asia. He has photographed numerous campaigns for NGO Charities such as Water and The International Justice Mission to help bring an end to the world water crisis and modern day slavery. Beyond his humanitarian work, he has also shot global campaigns for brands such as Apple, Facebook, WWF and Unicef. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

The series we present here, Boys of Volta, depicts life for young boys that are forced to work on Lake Volta, Ghana. As well as stunningly emotive portraits, they also illustrate a harsh reality. Exclusive to Open Doors Gallery, a percentage of proceeds from each print sale are donated to IJM and their fight against modern slavery. We also hope to raise awareness of these issues.

Lake Volta is the largest man-made lake in the world. Spanning across half of Ghana, its surface is scattered with eerie tree trunks emerging from glassy waters. The trafficking of children and child labor in this region has a lot to do with the complex economic and social history of the Ghanaians residing around the lake. Young children are targeted for fishing because of their mobility and small hands for untangling nets.

“We spent the whole morning on Lake Volta yesterday and came across countless boats mostly filled with children, many as young as 6. Many of the boys forced to fish on the lake aren’t allowed to go to school and often must wake up at 4AM to set nets. Children are often in charge of untangling nets from all the trees and shrubs underwater. Because the water is quite murky, they have to be very good at holding their breath for long periods of time. The hard life on the water is all these kids know. The beauty of Lake Volta juxtaposed with this harsh reality is quite sobering.” – Jeremy Snell


Special edition copies contain a print.

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Special edition print #1  •  Edition 10/10  •  Gicleé print • 12 x 10.3cm



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