Denisse Ariana Pérez | Black Anatomy poster [pre-order]


From A Poetic Lesson on Black Anatomy

A2 poster [420mm x 594mm]

Uncoated, 250gsm Silk paper

Edition of 150

All pre-order copies come with a signed label


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Denisse Ariana Pérez is a Caribbean-born, Barcelona-based copywriter and photographer. Her work focuses on people, nature, gender, culture, and words and how they all interact with one another.

Driven by an obsession with humans and the human experience as a whole, Denisse Ariana Pérez work looks to explore, expose and honour the beauty she sees in others. Water, which has always been present in both life and work, allows her to get closer by dissolving facades and removing walls to celebrate what is found within. From the colder currents of Scandinavia to the warm pink lakes of Senegal, Agua is an intimate and endless journey of human exploration that captures a vital and magical relationship between people and water.



A Poetic Lesson on Black Anatomy

Denisse Ariana Pérez reimagines the anatomy of the Black body through poetic words and images in a captivating film that celebrates all that Blackness is and can be. 

Words and Film by Denisse Ariana Pérez

Blackness is hard to summarise. It has many meanings, nuances, and tones. Blackness is intrinsically poetic and diasporic. It is always shifting and transforming, it is never static, and never one-sided.

I grew up in spaces where Black bodies were not considered beautiful or worthy enough to be celebrated—a notion my work rebels against. “A Poetic Lesson on Black Anatomy” intends to serve as a new glossary to describe the Black Body through poetic imagery and words… READ MORE


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