Benedetta Ristori: Untitled, 2016


50 x 33 cm
Edition of 10 prints
(A supersize print is also available within the edition)
Inkjet prints on Hahnemühle Photo Luster 260gsm paper (3cm border)
Prints are signed by the artist
Framing and shipping not included.

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“I have always felt a great fascination for interiors. First of all because most of the time these are hidden spaces, not visible to anyone. The second reason is that the interior as a home reveals the most personal details of the one who lives there. In the case of public and shared spaces, it tells the story of a collective and of a historical-architectural era that has left its mark through the furnishings, the colours and the composition of the place. Therefore, the exploration of spaces has a temporal and intimate narrative purpose.

I find it very interesting to focus on objects that can be found in all types of environment and in all parts of the world, such as telephones, televisions and sofas. Through the representation of these objects it is possible to recognise the aesthetic and very often the cultural differences of each country in various periods and social contexts.”

These pictures are part of an exploration of form and space. This on-going series is composed of still-life images taken in different places all around the world. Places like Japan, Serbia, Italy and others. The result is the creation of a unique environment, consisting of colours, lines and lights.


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